Pacific Northwest Trail Guide: The Official Guidebook for Long Distance and Day Hikers

(Seattle: Sasquatch Books, March 2001.) Here is the second edition, official guide to the spectacular new long-distance trail that stretches 1,200 miles from Glacier National Park in Montana to Washington's Olympic National Park. From the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, the Pacific Northwest Trail is a unique hiking experience, offering an attractive variety of backcountry scenery and outdoor adventure. Like other long-distance routes-the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide Trails-the "PNT" is accessible to everyone from dayhikers to thru-hikers. This comprehensive guide features detailed route descriptions, a 17'-wide fold-out overview map, topographic maps, mileage charts, and information on planning, navigating, and re-supplying a trip.

"It is a trail hound’s where-to-go, what-turn-to-take guide stuffed with dozens of topographic map sections, pragmatic tips (e.g., supply points) and your choice of routes."      Seattle Times, May 3, 2001

"It is a very well written and organized guide. Ted Hitzroth’s maps are outstanding."      The Distance Hiker’s Gazette, Newsletter of ALDHA-WEST, Summer 2002

"Hikers of all skills will value this handy comprehensive guide." Northwest Family Magazine

"Hitzroth’s maps are a marvel of condensed information, and Strickland knows exactly what information hikers of all intents and skills need to have."  Statesman Journal

[The first edition of the PNT guidebook was published in 1984 by the now-defunct Writing Works.]

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